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Specialist in English

Native language English

Also speaks English

8.00 USD (7.61€)

About the tutor

Hi. I'm Don, a Filipino and currently living in the Philippines. I was born and raised in the same country, so I speak a native level of English. I am a licensed teacher and a certified TESOL tutor with over 5 years of teaching experience (classroom and virtual). I offer personalized, tailor-made learning sessions to my students - young and adult learners - who are interested in English. I also possess a degree in Psychology, so don't worry because I have a full understanding of my students and the challenges that come along with your experience of studying the English language. I teach spoken English for daily conversation, business English and correspondence, reading and listening comprehension, grammar and writing. I always do an Open Conversation during the first learning session with my students with any topic under the sun. This is to ensure that I get to assess the English proficiency level, vocabulary, and goals of the student in the entire learning journey. Apart from teahing, I love watching series and movies, listening to podcasts, and taking pictures during my spare time. See you in my class! :)

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