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Please note that the times will be generated from the time zone and not from your country of origin

In other languages also write down your native language so that future students can find you more easily

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Here is an example of where to subtract the youtube video code. The part in the red box is the code. Just enter the code, not the full url.

Example youtube code

In subjects also write down your speciality, so that future students can find you more easily

Generate schedules

You can enter several classes at the same time as long as the schedules match:

  • Choose a start and end date where your availability matches.
  • Set the time from when you are available and until when you are available.
  • Choose the duration of the classes
  • Hit the create schedule button and as many classes as can be generated will be distributed in the marked intervals.


From 09/08/2021 to 13/08/2021

Start 10:00 end 13:00 and duration 60 minutes.

We will generate 3 classes per day (from 10 to 11 / from 11 to 12 / from 12 to 13), during 5 days (9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13).

Remember that in the registration you will only create a first range of timetables, but you will be able to create more timetables once you are registered, by logging into your intranet, in the section "Manage classes and timetables".