Bandera Italia

Victoria Kolesnikovich

Especialista en Ruso

Idioma nativo Ruso

También habla Italiano Francés Inglés Español Ruso

13.00 EUR (13€)

Acerca del tutor

I am Victoria and I'm from the city of Moscow, Russia. Before the pandemic broke out last year, I travelled quite a lot and lived in 4 different countries for 4 years.I studied Linguistics (French and English) in Moscow and afterwards I did my Master's degree in Educational Sciences in Finland. I did an internship in Italy, where I taught Russian to Italian students at the University of Pavia, and I also did another internship in Spain for teaching English. I prefer to act like 'a friend' to my student rather than as an authoritarian controller. I 'guide' the students' learning, helping them to achieve their best results and making sure that they enjoy learning with me. Being a professional linguist and having studied 5 foreign languages, I have been to hundreds of various language classrooms. I do my best to bring only the best practices and experiences, that I have learned from many different teachers in different places, to my classes. I believe that education should be student-centred, that is, the student's needs, goals and learning style are to be put first. I make individual learning plans for each of my students, depending on their goals, learning styles and time. I strongly believe that we can learn effectively only when we truly enjoy learning, which is why I make sure each of my students is happy with their classes.

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