Bandera Colombia

Maria Gomez

Especialista en Español

Idioma nativo Español

También habla Portugués Francés Inglés Español

27.00 EUR (27€)

Acerca del tutor

👋 Hola! I'm from Colombia, the best country for learning as Spanish as we speak slow, clear, and without and accent! 🇨🇴 I've taught over 500 hours of Spanish lessons online, to students from ages 3 - 81! I'll assure you we'll have fun and you'll learn a lot! ⭐ EXPERIENCE: ✅ I've taught before in a private school. ✅ I have over 3 years teaching experience for diverse purposes. ✅ I teach from basic to highly advanced level. ✅ Over 500 hours experience of online Spanish lessons ✅ My major is Business and my minor is Literature. ✅ I've also travelled to 29 countries and I want to keep knowing more cultures and people everyday, I'm very open-minded, know a lot of random facts, and great conversationalist. ⭐ CLASS DESCRIPTION ✅ I'm very patient, but also try to get the best out of you. ✅ I'm friendly and always try to create a good learning environment, to avoid shyness or insecurities when learning a new subject ✅ I always try to make classes fun and dynamic, including many of my hobbies in them (arts, culture, music, and literature). ✅ I also customize every course, so I can help you personally achieve every one of your goals with the language ✅ I'll give you special course material to teach you about my language and culture as well ⭐ WHY CHOOSE ME? ✅ I'm very organized. I will keep a track of all our classes, your progress, and I will test you to see where you need to improve. ✅ I'm very fluent with languages (I currently speak 4) ✅ I can know how hard learning a language can be (trust me, I've been on your side) ✅ I've already developed amazing tips to help you learn faster and better. ✅ I try to focus on teaching every possible aspect of Spanish (reading, writing, understanding and talking) ✅ As I'm a local, I can help you speak Spanish like one :)

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