Bandera España

Ihor Larionov

Especialista en Inglés

Idioma nativo Ruso

También habla Inglés Español

15.00 EUR (15€)

Acerca del tutor

Aye, mates. My name's Ihor (but I prefer when people call me George) and I'm a certified English teacher. If you want to learn or improve your English, do not hesitate to contact me. I can teach you how to speak as naturally as possible; how to overcome shyness during the conversation; and also how to write and read without any "borders." Being a philologist and literary scholar, I mostly focus on the aspects such as written and oral expression, and I can also easily explain the trickiest points of English grammar. 85-100% of our lessons will be in English, so you will immediately dive into the waters of this wonderful language. I also speak Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Our lessons will be even more beneficial if you also speak one of these languages. English is English, but sometimes there is a need to provide some explanations in the mother tongue of the student.

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