Bandera Alemania

Andrés Aribayos Hindermann

Especialista en Alemán

Idioma nativo Alemán

También habla Francés Alemán Inglés Español

30.00 EUR (30€)

Acerca del tutor

ENGLISH About me I am a native German, bilingual in Spanish, with a C2-level in English and a C1-level in French. I hold a Master in Education and a Bachelor in Economics and I did professional studies in translation and didactics for German as a foreign language, philology and telc language tests. I have twenty-five years of experience in teaching German to speakers of Spanish, English and French, and the last five years of them one-to-one classes via videoconference. The move from teaching groups to individual classes was crucial because my methods shifted from instruction to coaching. My students now use their weekly classes to speak without constraint about what is important to them, receiving material and advice based on their personal needs and goals. Me as teacher I see myself as a coach more than as a tutor or a teacher. This is because of my extensive experience, where I learned that language learners improve much better if they feel themselves in a secure setting, where they are not judged but counselled, where they can speak openly without limits about whatever crosses their minds. It’s in such a setting where creative and intuitive learning comes into play, which makes the process an enjoyable experience. And this is the point where language learning gets on a track where motivation never lacks, because learning is fun and satisfying. The study material I will send you during each lesson ensures you have enough activities for the week. My courses for German as a foreign language In my one-to-one online courses, you will find a room just for yourself, where you will be coached within a German speaking setting. Each lesson depends on your needs and aims, which may be to improve in a specific linguistic feature such as pronunciation, grammar, spelling or vocabulary. Or it may be to work on a specific goal, e.g. an official language exam, finding work in the German speaking countries or bureaucratic issues. Or it can just be conversation in order to gain fluency. In our class I will also point out what you can do during the week in order to further improve your German language skills and get closer to your goals and I will hand out to you the study material you need.

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